Brighter skin diet

Brighter skin diet

Eat right to make your skin bright!

We all know that food is an essential element of our life. Along with acting as a fuel, the food we eat also impacts the appearance of the skin significantly. Just like the rest of our body, the skin also derives a lot of its nourishment from food. Our diet affects the level of moisture and the balance of various hormones internally, which ultimately affects the biggest organ of our body, the skin.

One of the rampant skin troubles which agitate most of us is dull and uneven skin. To brighten your skin tone using brightening beauty products and cosmetics is not the only solution. You can include certain healthy and effective “skin-friendly” foods in your regimen, which will bring the glowing appearance you always desired. You may use products for your skin, but it’ll never be fully healthy and radiant if you don’t eat right.

What foods make your skin lighter?

Eat your way to better and brighter skin! There are many readily available fruits, nuts, and veggies, which, when consumed regularly, will improve your skin tone greatly. 

What should we eat to get rid of dull skin?

Eggs in Brighter Skin Diet

Eggs are rich in amino acids and antioxidants. They are definitely one of the best foods for your skin. Our skin consists of three layers. The outer-most layer has many dead skin cells. Eggs help in the development of new cells and protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. Eggs also have vitamins and minerals that promote overall skin health. 

Avocados in Brighter Skin Diet

The good fats in avocados help reduce skin redness. Avocado is skin super-food and it is vital for maintaining skin healthy moisture level. Moreover, avocados contain antioxidants that have anti-aging benefits. Avocados are great for your skin health, and they are cholesterol-free. 

Walnuts in Brighter Skin Diet

Walnuts contain a high amount of necessary fatty acids that help moisturize and make your skin soft and glowy. These nuts also reduce inflammation by protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Furthermore, walnuts contain zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium, that are necessary for wound healing and fighting inflammation. 

Which is the best fruit for skin whitening?

Oranges and Lemons for Skin Lightening

As we age our skin complexion becomes dull and dehydrated. We often find pigmentation and age spots. Foods such as oranges and lemons that are rich in vitamin C, help combat sun damage and also enhances collagen production, which in turn makes the skin radiant and young.  

Moreover, lemons are rich in natural antioxidant – ascorbic acid, which helps fight free radicals, that can cause skin aging. 

Strawberries for Skin Lightening

Strawberries are the magic skin food that contains many nutrients. They are loaded with Vitamin C, which is often called a liquid gold in skin care. Vitamin C offers a variety of skin benefits, including collagen production and skin’s elasticity. 

Papaya for Skin Lightening

Papaya is a delightful skin super-fruit, that contains a special enzyme known as papain, along with many antioxidants. It helps to remove toxins and the dead cells from the skin leaving it lighter and clearer.

A glass of papaya milk is also wonderful for your skin. However, it may be tricky to find best papayas, depending on where you live. Try to pick the ones that are smooth, bright yellow, without blemishes and dark spots. And if you plan to take a vacation to a tropical place like Bali, for example, make sure you eat many papayas while you there, these fruits are the best out there. 

What can you drink to lighten your skin? 

There are various drinks that you can savour to get the skin of your dreams. Naturally extracted fruit juice is a great source of nutrients for your skin. Moreover, some of these drinks are the best for skin lightening. 

So, what can I drink to whiten my skin?

Lemon water for skin lightening

First of all, staying hydrated is is indisputably one of the best things to do for your skin health and complexion. Therefore, you have to make sure you drink enough water and stay hydrated all the time. 

Another great thing you can do, if you want to make your skin lighter faster, you can drink lemon water. In order to make a lemon water, cut lemon in half, and simply squeeze some of lemon juice into a glass of warm or cold water. For better results use organic lemons and filtered water. 

Lemon juice contain Vitamin C which is efficient in skin brightening. Consuming lemon water also helps fight off toxins and induce skin cells to detox, unclog and sweat out impurities. 

Carrot and beetroot juice for skin lightening

Carrots and Beetroot Juice are the ultimate elixirs for skincare, the extract derived from these two ingredients are filled with nutrients like iron, zinc, folic acid, and vitamin C. It helps with blood purification and fights against acne and wrinkles.

Do carrots and beets lighten skin though? The vitamins in carrots and beets may help to boost and brighten your skin complexion. However, be careful with the dosage. Moderation is a must here, because according to the Dermatology Clinic at UAMS, consuming too much of carrots may lead to carotenemia, discoloration of palms and soles.

Spinach juice for skin lightening

It may sound not very delectable to drink but spinach juice is a wonder you can not miss. The magic of vitamins K, E, and C found in these green leaves are known to give you flawless and bright skin.

Tomato juice for skin lightening

This red fruit, tomato, is best for de-tanning. It has large amounts of antioxidants that help in getting young and glowing skin. Tomato juice is rich in vitamin C, which is important in skin whitening. Moreover, tomato juice contains plenty of nutrients and vitamins that boost immune system

Citrus juices in Brighter Skin Diet

Citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, pomelos) contains Vitamin C which best known for it as a lightening agent. Therefore, fresh citrus fruit juices are considered the best skin whitening, skin lightening drinks. 

Conclusion. Brighter Skin Diet

With an ample amount of food options that are readily available at your home you have the ultimate solution for lightening your skin. All you need to do is regularly indulge in these skin brightening foods.

However, it is crucial to remember that your diet must be balanced. This is the most important element for whitening your skin, as only balanced diet will keep you healthy overall. And you can reach beautiful glowing skin only when you are healthy from the inside out. 

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