Clarify & Detox Face Masque


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Must-have detoxifying and cleansing powder mask.

This amazing blend of nutrient-rich ingredients helps to remove impurities and tighten the pores, meanwhile, toning the skin, reducing inflammation in acne and exfoliating dead skin cells.

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This must-have clay powder face mask removes impurities from the skin to tighten pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce inflammation significantly. It leaving your skin healthy-glowing and vibrant as well as brighter and fresher.


Italian Green Clay Binds-to and Removes Toxins

Known worldwide for its amazing ability to bind to toxins of all kinds, Italian Green Clay powder binds to any toxins in your skin and flushes them out, leaving your skin rejuvenated, fresh and healthy! Moreover, Italian Green Clay energizes your skin naturally, leaving it with a healthy glow.


Activated Charcoal Removes Excess Oil

This Detoxifying Cleansing Powder Mask contains activated charcoal, to pull all the excess oil from your skin. Afterwards, the skin is smoother, softer and cleaner.


Organic Blue-Green Algae to Nourish Your Skin

Highly nutritious due to an abundance of essential amino acids, blue-green algae is the natural wonder of the ocean. It will nourish and feed your skin cells to leave them healthier and looking much younger and fuller. Organic blue green Algae has historically been used as a beauty treatment, it is highly nutritious and full of essential amino acids.


Vitamin C Reduces the Effects of Sun Damage

This excellent clay powder face mask also contains plenty of Vitamin C to reduce the damage sun does to your skin; and brightens your overall appearance while reducing dullness and spots. Your skin will look and feel smoother, softer and will also be rebalanced when you use this cleansing powder mask.

    • formulated with Italian Green Clay to detoxify your skin

    • contains activated charcoal to remove excess oil

    • uses Blue-Green Algae to nourish your skin

    • vitamin C brighten the appearance of the skin, and diminishes the sun damage

    • free of parabens and phthalates

    • gluten free

    • vegan

    • travel-friendly

Directions: Mix 2 parts of clay powder face mask to 1 part of any liquid you love in your skincare routine. Try to mix it with yogurt, soy milk, water, any fruit or vegetable juice, or any other liquid that is beneficial to the skin. A thinner masque can be made by adding more liquid. And opposite, you can create a thicker masque with less liquid. Use the mask immediately after hydration. Apply to your face and neck, leave for 15-20 min, then rinse with warm water.

Follow with STYLI’s Amazing Face Brightening Serum for best results.


Pure Vitamin C SerumSTYLI ® Brightening guarantees the results. We always want you to be happy with your purchase.

However, if you are not satisfied with the product, you’ll get your 100% money back!

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